About tulsi tea


The tulsi plant (pronounced tool-see), has been a part of the Indian society everyday lives for lots of years. Tulsi tea grows throughout the Old World tropics. There are many gossips about tulsi tea, but the fact is that tulsi herb does not contain any caffeine and the flavor of it is delightful with a mild mint taste. Other benefits of tulsi tea are that since tulsi (an oxymum sanctum plant) can treat lots of diseases, it is often called as the Queen of Herbs or Holy Basil. Although the tulsi plantcan be grown in other places, it is most usual in India where it plays a major role in every Indian life.

Tulsi tea is being grown for religious and medicinal purposes. There are at least three types of tulsi: Rami tulsi, Krishna tulsi, and Vana tulsi, and all benefits of Tulsi tea are different. The Ayurvedic practice says about tulsi tea that it treats both the mind and body. The philosophy of Indians is that keeping the body healthy keeps the mind healthy as well.

Scientists proved that the medicinal composition of the tulsi plant is very complicated. First, the plant contains hundreds of health promoting properties and protective compounds. Research shows that tulsi improves stamina, increases the body’s ability to absorb oxygen and protects against stress. In addition, the Tulsi tea protects against radiation, reduce inflammation, prevent gastric ulcers and lower fever, it depends on how you make tulsi tea.

Tulsi has endless list of curative properties. Consequently, the best way to maintain a healthy body and mind is to enjoy Tulsi tea. With its rich composition of nutrients and antioxidants, tulsi herbal tea is extremely fast becoming a drink for the health-conscious. Searching how to make tulsi tea at home? Fill boiling water on leaves an keep it covered for 5 minutes!

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