About rooibos tea


Rooibos, an Aspalathus linearis plant is a part of the legume family. It is commonly referred to as red bush and also called Red tea. It grows in the mountains of Cedarberg, northwest of Cape Town. Benefits of rooibos tea are know for thousand years. People knew how to make roiboos tea even in Antient times. A few centuries ago the Khoisan people used to chop rooibos with axes, bruis them using huge hammers and then leave them to get completely dry in the sun. In the early 1900s, Russian settler Benjamin Ginsberg from a famous family started trading with the Khoisan Tribe. Ginsberg began to export rooibos tea with the help of locals, that‘s he way how people found out about rooibos tea.

Searching how to make rooibos tea at home? Nowadays, a very similar process is used to produce green and red rooibos tea, although it is more progressive. At first, rooibos tea leaves are being gathered, adter that they are fed through rollers for bruising. The bruising method is enhancing the flavor, it promotes oxidation, which changes the color of the leaves from green to reddish. Afterwards the leaves are spread out to dry in the sun and it helps to keep all benefits of rooibos tea.

The research of Rooibos herbal tea confirms a long list of rooibos health benefits. Alpha-hydroxy acid and zync which are found in rooibos tea help to keep healthy looking skin. Iron, potassium and copper assist in increasing metabolism. Rooibos tea improves detoxification processes and helps in managing allergies, such as hay fever or asthma as well. Talking about rooibos tea, it is one of the most beneficials tea in the world.

Rooibos herbal tea is a satisfying beverage with many benefits. It‘s completely safe for all ages and can be enjoyed in unlimited quantities.

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