About oolong tea


The name of Oolong tea means ‘black dragon’ in Chinese. Historical facts show that oolong tea originated in Fujian Province in China about four hundred years ago. For hundreds of years, it has been a favorite among Chinese and at the moment ranks as one of the world’s best-known teas, not only because of taste, but also because of the benefits of oolong tea. Because of differences in styles of production, contemporary varieties of oolong tea offer a wide range of tastes and aromas.

Nowadays Internet markets have noticeably improved access to a wide range and methods how to make oolong tea. There are over 28 high quality oolong teas grown in China alone, each with its own characteristics. Add to these the oolong tea which is grown in Formosa, Assam, India, and Thailand and it becomes completely clear that any exploration of oolong tea cannot be undertaken in a short period of time. Very wide variations in flavor and aroma ensure that any search for a favorite will be an unforgetable experience. Not proper preparation can cause even the finest teas unfit to drink so in order to guarantee the fullest appreciation the tea, brew it with great care. What’s interesting about oolong tea, leaves can‘t be reusable. Adding fresh hot water to the pot with leaves yields three or more servings, later benefits of oolong tea disapears.

Talking about oolong tea it offers a wide range of health benefits. It helps to the maintenance healthy, youthful looking skin and strong teeth. It also can be called as a treatment for hypertension, as an anodyne for both physical and mental stress, and as a preventative for cancer, but only if you know how to make oolong tea in a right way.

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