About fruit tea


About fruit tea: it has been used for hundreds of years by native cultures. The drink achieved popularity during the Medievals because people discovered benefits of fruit tea and its healing properties. Recently, a renewed interest has occurred as people discovered that tisanes make an alternative to regular fruit drinks, teas and soda. Fruit tea is usually made of herbs, spices and fruit. Plus, the biggest benefits of fruit tea are antioxidants and nutrients, but they work out only if you know how to make fruit tea in a right way.

About fruit teas: they are pure, all natural and easy to prepare. And because they are free of tannin, you can keep them for hours in the fridge or overnight without worrying of bad taste. In Turkey brewed tea is known as a national soft drink and is consumed in really greater quantities than any other drink. Many Turkish families always have a pot brewing and usually add just a bit of fresh hot water before serving. But remember everything work out only if you know how to make fruit tea in a right way.

Used regularly Fruit Tisanes offer some amazing health benefits:

  • Increased natural energy
  • Vitamins help in protecting the skin from free radical damage.
  • Stimulate the metabolism and support immune system
  • Improve heart health and help in removing toxins

Fruit tisanes benefits will feel the entire family. Since the fruit tea can be served cool or hot, the family will reach for a glass of it at any time they want a refreshing drink.

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