About chai tea


About chai tea: it is the word for tea in general in many countries of the world. Chai that came from India is a spiced milk tea that has become very popular in Europe and the USA. But in order to get great taste you need to know how to make chai tea. It is generally made up of:

  • black tea
  • mill with a lot of fat in it
  • a combination of various Indian spices

The spices used in chai variety depends on different parts of India. The most common are ginger, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper. Indian chai acts as a natural digestive aid and has amazing and rich flavors, it’s difficult to resist one more cup of chai.

In the past three years or so there are a phenomenal growth in the popularity in chai. Chai has become very common and many market analysts are predicting that chai will probably become as popular as coffee lattes and cappuccinos. It is not only because of taste, but also because of benefits of chai tea.

Deliciuos and perfectly made chai can often be found in Indian restaurants in tandem with great food, but making your own chai provides unforgetable satisfaction (and makes your home smell so fine!). But you need to find out before, how to make chai tea in a right way.

Commercially produced concentrates of chai can be found at many coffee and healthy food shops. Ingredients for making your own chai are available just about everywhere, don‘t be afraid to experiment and invent new ideas of serving chai.

We prefer traditionally made fresh chai: creamy and really hot, with rich lavor black tea, fresh spices and enough sugar to bring out the spice flavor. Don‘t forget, chai tea benefits reveals only if it includes sweetness otherwise spices will loose their full robustness, and benefits of chai tea will be lost.

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