About black tea


About black tea: it has brought such an amazing flavour and health to people for thousands of years since the tea has been discovered. Benefits of black tea are known all around the world. Black tea has a special formulation witch is brought about by methods that are different from teas such as white or green. What makes black tea different from others is fermentation; it undergoes complete fermentation, creating unique flavours. It is important to know how to make black tea in a right way, in order to keep all its properties.

The origins of black tea are in China but today, many countries produce black tea. India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and many others have discovered the delicious taste and benefits of black tea offers, as you may know in England black tea with milk has become a national sign of the country.

Black tea goes through a process that includes withering, rolling, fermentation, and drying. Each stage is equally important in making black tea what it is. The first step is withering. Withering is crucial in allowing the leaves to lose moisture, they become soft. The softened leaves are ideal are being followed by rolling. Rolling uses machines to twist and press the leaves and rolling process continues until the leaves are the desired size.

About black tea prepare: with withering and rolling finished, the fermentation process can begin. This critical stage is what separates black tea from any other teas. Fermentation creates potent flavor compounds and forms several healthy components of the tea. The tea leaves are left to ferment completely and assume the true form of black tea. The perfectly fermented leaves finally end their journey by the drying process. What’s left- to know out how to prepare black tea in a right way.

Black tea has many different antioxidants and healthy compounds in it. Flavonoids are just one component of this melange of health. Clinical studies have shown flavonoids can help in preventing heart diseases. Polyphenols that is found it black tea help to prevent bladder and prostate cancer while TF-2 wrests cancer’s life away by causing cancerous cells to program their own death. These are only a few of black tea’s helpful compounds.

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